Work Backwards Like An Amazonian!!

Have you tried Amazon’s Working Backwards methodology?

If you haven’t, you are missing out.

After all, this method was critical for the design and development of services and products like Amazon Go and Echo.

Here at Emergent, we are huge supporters of this approach as quite simply, it works.

What does work mean for organizations like yours?

Well for starters, companies that apply this model will, not might…, will realise benefits like these…

  1. Less ‘wasteful’ expenditure.
  2. Faster and simpler project decision making.
  3. Increased clarity around what the project is attempting to achieve.
  4. Improved probabilities that these outcomes are achieved.
  5. Less politics / more x-functional support for green-lighted initiatives
  6. Improved idea generation across the workforce
  7. Increased staff engagement and productivity.

This slideshare from Dipen Mehta, lays out the bones of the process nicely.

And if you want help to start applying models like this in your organisation then drop us a note at

Working Backwards