The Problem With Dummy-Proofing

When you try to dummy-proof the system, eventually only dummies want to work there – Reed Hastings.

A superb quote from the CEO of Netflix, because it so succinctly sums up the problems all corporates face.

One the one hand there is the a management driven desire to implement ‘strong’ systems and processes, which done well could reduce risks and improve efficiencies.

But on the other, the introduction of process ‘stifles’ innovation and creates a culture where the unwritten rules are to ‘obey’, rather than challenge.

Unfortunately the ‘numbers’ lead most organisations to the conclusion that ‘dummy-proofing’ is the right approach, because the impact on the profit and loss and risk reports can be quick, where as there is no equivalent ledger entry for failing to innovate or create an open, dynamic culture.

Of course, failing to innovate might not be an easy entry for the accountants, but the consequences over time are usually devastating.

But even though “Debit PL – failure to innovate”, isn’t an approved accounting entry, the impact is there for all to see.

Killing the process snake and re-introducing the opportunity for your teams to innovate is however an achievable objective.

In this video I show you how.

If you’ve had similar experiences do comment back or drop me a mail if you want to discuss further.

Good luck.